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Would you enjoy a little extra money to spend and know someone who is thinking of buying, selling, or  investing in real estate? Just a simple introduction is all you need to do.  In addition to ensuring great real estate service for your friend or family member, you receive a $50 gift card after the home sale goes to closing and funding.  


Another very helpful option is for you to provide your referral's basic contact info (name, phone, email, and anything you know about their real estate need).  That way I can contact them at their convenience.  Many people like having me contact them directly since they have hectic lifestyles and it's easier for me to follow up than for them to worry about it.  If your referral would like me to contact them, please contact us (click here) with the pertinent details.


The majority of my customers are either past clients or referrals from satisfied past clients. This speaks very highly of my excellent customer satisfaction.  I'm extremely thankful every time I get a referral. Often this is your family member, close friend, or neighbor, so I know it's very important that I make you look good for referring me.  Don't worry I always work extra hard knowing this is a referral from you!  


P.S. I know every time you introduce me, it won't result in a home sale so there's no pressure!

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